Julia's Vegetarian Restaurant -
Soup of the day
South Pacific Squash Puree      Cup     3.35          Bowl     5.35
        Kabocha squash blended with a fragrant garam masala,coconut cream and fresh                 tomato. 
Soup & Salad # 1     8.95           
          A cup of soup and your choice of salad.   
Soup & Salad # 2     14.95           
          A bowl of soup and your choice of salad and dessert
Dinner Salads 
Simple Salad   4.25 
           Mixed greens with a caramelized shallot balsamic vinaigrette.   
Wild Arugula Salad     6.45 
           With a stoneground mustard vinaigrette and fresh shaved parmesan.  
Fresh Tahini Salad     6.45 
           Cherry tomates, cucumbers, radishes and a creamy tahini dressing.   
Hemp Seed Salad     5.45
           Hemp seeds, arugula, and a honey mustard vinaigrette.
Small Iris Salad     6.45
          Roasted carrots, cauliflower, kabocha squash, butternut squash, yam & zucchini,                 with pumpkin seeds, & a creamy tahini dressing.

Roasted Artichoke     7.95 
           Roasted globe artichoke served with a vegan garlic & lemon aioli.   
Seitan Barbeque  9.35 
           Savory chipotle seitan with caramelized cremini mushrooms & red onion.   
Flatbread & Hummus   7.95 
           Garlic and herb flatbread with roasted red pepper hummus.
           Gluten free add 2     

 Specialty Salads 
With shaved parmesan, crumbled feta, please add $0.85
Abundant Salad   13.5 
           Half greens and half fixings with a raw vegetable medley, our roasted                      vegetables, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds & a mustard vinaigrette.   
Iris Salad  11.65
          Roasted carrots, cauliflower, kambocha squash, butternut squash, yam &                  zucchini, with pumpkin seeds, & a creamy tahini dressing.   
Greek Salad  10.95 
          Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, seasoned tofu, red onions,               cucumber, radishes, carrots, celery hearts, & a balsamic vinaigrette.   

 ~  Gluten-free crust add 2  ~ 
 All pizzas have real cheese. Can be served without upon request.   

Julia’s   14.55 
           Roasted vegetables, mozzarella, mushrooms.  
 Margherita 14.55
          Tomato, fresh basil & mozzarella.  
Mushroom   13.75 
          Mushrooms, sage, garlic & mozzarella.   
Ethan’s Best  13.75
          Garlic, red onions, mozzarella, and blue cheese.
Smokehouse   16.25 
          Seitan, mushrooms, red onions, olives, barbeque sauce, mozzarella.                
California   16.25 
          Spinach, onions, mushrooms, tofu, mozzarella & feta cheese & our signature            white sauce. 
Roasted & Seitan Clazone     13.95
           Our roasted vegetables with chipotle seitan, a red and barbeque blend and cheddar            cheese 
Bianco   16.25 
          Bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, white sauce, mozzarella and fresh   parmesan
Classic Combo   16.25 
          Onions, mushrooms, olives, bell peppers and chipotle seitan

Yellow Coconut Curry   15.45             
           Julia’s signature curry, with brown rice, roasted vegetables, & fresh apples               & pears.   
Hot Thai Curry   15.95 
           Very spicy Thai green curry with colantro, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms and tofu..  
Rice Biryani     14.75 
            With braised spinach, seasoned tofu, roasted vegetables, golden raisins and                pumpkin seeds.       
Tamale Pie     15.95
          Layered Mexican style casserole with polenta, spinach, mushrooms, pinto beans & a             poblano red sauce.  Served with a tomatillo guacamole and roasted vegetables.
Garlic Roasted Vegetables     14.75
         Our roasted vegetables with braised spinach and brown rice with a side of tahini.

Half Orders 
Half Order Yellow  Curry   9.35             
           A lil of Julia’s signature curry, with brown rice, roasted vegetables.  No fruit.
Tamale A La Carte    11.75
          Layered Mexican style casserole with polenta, spinach, mushrooms, pinto beans & a             poblano red sauce.  Served with a tomatillo guacamole.

All desserts served with our signature vegan coconut-caramel sauce.
Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie   5.65
Rich & moist with walnuts and dried cherries.
Ginger Apple Spice Cake   4.85
A light and airy ginger-spice cake with sweet apple.

~Cakes served soy a-la-mode add 1 ~


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