Julia's Vegetarian Restaurant -

Welcome to Julia's

We are a bunch of fun, loving, festival going, home-cookin' folk here to provide you with quality vegetarian food with flare. 

We are at the top of the hill in Pacific Grove on Forest Ave between Safeway and Trader Joe's in the far back right of Forest Hill Shopping Center.

Hours of Operation
 Monday-Thursday 5:00 - 8:00pm.    
 Friday-Saturday  5:00pm - 9:00pm.
Sunday 5:00 - 8:00pm.    
Saturday and Sunday 
12:00 am - 2:30 pm.
1180  Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove  Ca 93950

JULY 1st!
This is the day the new Julia's opens!!

Live Music
We have live music every Monday through Thursday evenings starting at 6:30.  Come by and enjoy some live entertainment with your meal.  The eclectic mix of artists can vary, but it will be like a portal back in time taking you back to the 60's and 70's. Check out out music page for more information.  Our performers are here for you and are responsive to your needs.  If you ever feel like there getting too rowdy, please just let them know.  Our quiet dining hour is from 5-6:30 pm on weekdays and we keep our performances off all of our weekend hours.  Keep on reading below for some fun facts about our restaurant.

Upcoming Expansion
Shortly we will be expanding the dining room  by adding bar counters and a big family table to meet our growing demand and provide a 50% capacity increase.  Our bar and family style seating will provide a great  atmosphere to meet new people and create a community centered space rather than just a restaurant.  We hope you join us at this time to just drop by for a glass of wine or small bite, meet some friends and enjoy the music!

Water Quality Assurance
Here at Julia's we care about the health and well being of our patrons.   We have our own reverse osmosis water filtration system plumbed into special faucets in both the kitchen and prep areas.
 Tap is only used here to wash your hands, run the dishwasher and flush the toilet.

Compost Compost Compost
 It all goes back to the earth.  Bring us your compost for processing, we will happily accept it.  If you would like buckets, we will provide them for you with notice.  Please keep your compost free of stickers & rubber bands & notify us if dropping off buckets that are overly ripe or contains coffee grounds.

Wage Equality
With above standard wages a progressive tip out policy you can be assured all of our staff members receive a living wage for the Monterey Peninsula.  With tips included, our back of house staff make 75-80% of a servers wage.  We do this with a tip policy that while still favors the servers also generously shares with the back of house staff, who are already making a little more.  Full disclosure will gladly be shared on request.   We encourage other restaurants around the area to evaluate their total take home between the front and back of house & work on equalizing these figures.

Energy Efficient
We have switched 95% of our lighting to LED and use as many gas based appliances as possible to maximize our fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.  
Wild Mushrooms
Here is a little glimpse of what to look forward to:


Working to build a better introduction to our business.  Ideas and feedback welcome

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